1006A63 04 – 63mm Pipe Aluminium Blue 6 mtr Length

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PART NUMBER: 1006A63 04

BRAND: Transair

63mm Pipe Aluminium Blue 6 mtr Length – 1006A 63 04


The pipe shall be rigid and manufactured in Aluminium 6060 per Norm European Standard NF EN 573-3. It shall be extruded and calibrated within the tolerances specifically required by the manufacturer of the instant to connect fittings. The pipe shall have been qualified, as defined by ISO 9001, in order to warranty gripping and bubble-tight performance of the system. The pipe shall be blue powder coated in RAL 5012 with Qualicoat in order to warranty mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Supplied with a tracibility system, the pipe shall be available in the following diameters in 10 foot and 20 foot lengths: OD 16.5 mm outside (OD 13 mm inside), OD 25 mm outside (OD 21 mm inside), OD 40 mm outside (OD 37 mm inside), OD 63 mm outside (OD 59 mm inside), OD 76 mm outside (OD 72 mm inside) and OD 101 mm outside (OD 97 mm inside).

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