Transair® Air Compressor Piping & Accessories

In order to get the most out of your air compressor system, you need the right air compressor piping and accessories. As a leading supplier of Australian air compressor products, Express Compressors can provide you with high-quality, heavy-duty, versatile and competitively priced air compressor piping and accessories to help you optimise your workspace.

What Kind of Piping Do I Need for My Compressed Air System?

Air compressor piping is a crucial part of your compressed air system. The correct fitting air compressor piping will help reduce pressure in your system, therefore preventing a loss in productivity. It will also help maintain consistent airflow through your compressor and greatly reduce the risk of rust in an oil-free model. When selecting piping for your air compressor, the material is the number one factor to consider. Express Compressors recommend Transair’s aluminium air compressor piping to ensure the longevity of your air compressor system.

What Are the Benefits of Transair’s Air Piping & Accessories?

  •   Fast installation – no soldering or welding required, simply push to connect.
  •   Light-weight and easy to handle
  •   Non-corrosive – prolongs the working life of all components in your air compressor system by providing the cleanest air for the longest time.
  •   Very adaptable – even under pressure, it is quick and easy to reroute, add new components, and drops.
  •   The higher up-front cost of materials may discourage some, but the difference in cost of material is recovered by savings on labour during installation.

Why Contact Express Compressors About Air Compressor Piping?

Express Compressors Australia stock air compressor piping for all ranges of makes and models. In additional to air compressor piping, we also stock a range of air compressor accessories such as brackets, connectors, clips, valves and tool kits. To speak to one of our friendly staff about our range of air compressor piping and accessories, feel free to call us on 1300 446 944 or send us an enquiry through our contact us page.


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