Water Injected Screw Compressors – Oil Free

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In medical technology, the use of compressed air primarily depends on cleanliness and freedom from germs. Especially when used as a medical gas in hospitals, operating rooms and medical practices.

The focus is, of course, on the secure availability and sustainably costeffective production.

With the screw compressors from Express Compressors you cover these requirements optimally: thanks to innovative technology, the devices operate absolutely oil-free, reliably and above all extremely economically. Depending on the application, these systems can save up to 35% energy!

Oil-free compressed air performance – safe, clean, environmentally friendly

Our oil free range of compressors have absolutely no oil residue or other contamination in the medical units during compressed air use.

They work exclusively with water from ambient air as a natural lubricant.

A decisive plus for your applications! The integrated VFD-Drive pressure control system prevents unnecessary idle times – this results in an enormous saving in energy costs, especially when the compressed air compressor often has to start. It also eliminates the need for post-filtration and lubricant disposal.

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