Oil Free Screw Compressors

There are a range of industries where oil free air compressors are essential. These include the food and medical fields where contamination from oil lubricants could have a serious effect on the end product. At Express Compressors Australia we ensure that the compressed air from our equipment is 100% oil free so contamination is impossible.  Our professional compressed air equipment supplied by AQUAAIR produces clean, compressed air, free from any oil contaminants.

Which industries require Oil Free Compressors?

Certain businesses have stringent guidelines where contamination of the end product is strictly prohibited. The industries which require 100% oil free compressed air products include:

– Food & beverage

– Laboratory applications

– Automotive painting

– Manufacturing

– Medical

Why choose AQUAAIR?

Express Compressors are distributors of AQUAAIR compressed air equipment. AQUAAIR offer powerful, highly efficient oil free, water injected screw air compressors. Built with cutting edge technology AQUAAIR is suited to numerous demanding applications and ensures 100% performance with 0% oil.  AQUAAIR’s aim is to combine economy with ecology and technology to produce energy efficient products with the highest respect for the environment.

The main advantages to using AQUAAIR Oil Free Screw Compressors are:

Energy Efficient – due to the elimination of oil filtration, the highly efficient AQUAAIR air end and effective servicing/management, users can experience an energy cost reduction of 35%.

Cost Effective – AQUAAIR’s innovative science means that you save up to 85% on downtime and inspection costs.  This is achieved as a result of utilising the AQA_AIR Management. We have found that AQUAAIR products require up to 70% less parts than conventional coil free air compressors.

Certified Oil Free Air – FRESENIUS certifies that all AQUAAIR air compressors are 100% germ free as well as oil free by ensuring the lubrication derives from the ambient air.

Totally Trusted – AQUAAIR offer a 5-year manufacturers guarantee which covers both accident and breakdown so you can rest assured your equipment will last the pace.

German Made – All AQUAAIR relevant components are manufactured to ISO-9001 standards on state-of-the-art production machines in Germany. All screw rotors, air ends and frequency-controlled compressor systems are all tested to ensure the pass all the strict quality criteria.

Here at Express Compressors Australia we have a wide range of oil free air compressors options that can suit all types and sizes of business operations. We can always find an oil free compressor product that will meet your requirements.  We offer first class machine servicing and are always on hand to deal with breakdowns or emergencies. Call us today on 1300 446 944 or contact us to hear more about our oil free air compressor range.

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