StarlettePlus-E SPS018 Refrigeration Dryer

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PART NUMBER: StarlettePlus-E SPS018

BRAND: Parker

Parker StarlettePlus-E Series refrigerated dryers (SPS) are the perfect solution for the efficient removal of water vapour from compressed air.

Untreated compressed air is wet. 100% saturated as it leaves the compressor aftercooler, water vapour in the compressed air cools as it enters the air receiver and distribution piping, resulting in the formation of condensed liquid water and water aerosols. Wet compressed air leads to corrosion, the growth of micro-organisms and the formation of oily, acidic compressor condensate.

For a manufacturing facility reliant on compressed air for automation, these contaminants can directly impact safety, productivity and efficiency. Compressed air treatment is essential and for non-critical uses of compressed air, the refrigeration dryer is an ideal choice. StarlettePlus-E combines quality and efficiency in a reliable design, providing the least impact on the environment and operating costs.

Thanks to the highly efficient heat exchanger (E-Pack) design, the refrigerant circuit absorbs less power and requires less refrigerant than other comparative dryers, making StarlettePlus-E the refrigerant dryer in the market with the lowest running costs and the most environmentally friendly.

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Technical Data Dimensions
Air Flow Abs. Power Air Width Height Depth Weight
m3/h m3/min cfm kW Connec. (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
SPS018 108 1.8 64 0.47 3/4″ 520 565 225 26.5


Performances refer to air at FAD 20 °C / 1 bar A, at working conditions: air suction 25 °C / 60 %RH, 7 barg working pressure, pressure dew point in accordance with ISO8573-1, 25 °C cooling air temperature, 35 °C compressed air inlet temperature. All indicated data is according to DIN ISO 7183. All models supplied with refrigerant R134a and for operation up to 16 barg. Starlette Plus can operate up to ambient temperatures of 50 °C and inlet temperatures of 65 °C.


  • • For industrial and general air applications requiring a pressure dew point (pdp) no lower than +3°C
  • • In compliance with the F-Gas regulation, low GWP environmentally friendly refrigerant R513A on all units
  • • Parker StarlettePlus-E refrigeration dryers are developed around a state-of-the-art aluminium heat exchanger (E-Pack), with a patent-pending all-in-one design
  • • The E-Pack heat exchanger is designed with a large air/air heat exchanger to pre-cool the incoming hot, saturated compressed air and therefore reduce energy consumption
  • • The highly efficient E-Pack design results in a refrigeration circuit that uses a smaller volume of refrigerant than other comparable dryers and offers one of the lowest absorbed powers in the industry
  • • The E-Pack design utilises low-pressure drop, cross-flow heat exchangers to reduce operational costs
  • • The E-Pack heat exchanger includes a high-efficiency stainless steel demister separator for liquid removal overall operating conditions
  • • Environmentally friendly, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant gas, R513A, on all units
  • • All models are equipped as standard with a digital controller that includes an indication of compressed air temperature, volt-free alarm contact, service reminder and integral timed drain control
  • • Wall mountable


  • • Lowest carbon footprint on the market
  • • Lowest running costs and lowest absorbed power
  • • Low refrigerant volume (avg. 25% lower than comparative ranges)
  • • For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact us today



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