Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers are the most popular types of compressed air dryers on the market today, thanks to their competitive price point and low maintenance costs.

The main function of these dryers is to remove liquid or moisture from your compressed air product, ultimately safeguarding equipment from moisture damage.

Refrigerated air dryers work by capturing warm, damp air to condense any moisture in vapour, turning it into liquid water.

The dryer cools down the warm air (like a fridge) to about 3 degrees Celsius. Subsequently this water is then dispersed off via a water trap, which is re-reheated back to room temperature to a much drier result.

What are the Different Types of Air Dryers?

Refrigerated air dryers can be either cycling or non-cycling. Cycling dyers increase or decrease cooling capacity according to use. Non-cycling is the most common type because it’s highly reliable and has the lowest maintenance costs.

Membrane compressed air dryers remove both contaminants and water vapour through a filtration system. Humid compressed air is passed through hollow fibres made from membranes specifically designed to attract water vapour. Unlike refrigerant air dryers, these machines do not use refrigerating agents.

Desiccant compressed air dryers, also known as regenerative dryers, move compressed air through moisture absorbing ‘desiccant’ materials. These dryers have two compartments, one to dry out the compressed air as the other is filling with desiccant to regenerate. The regeneration process can be achieved through compressed air, heat, vacuum or a combination of these technologies.

What are the Benefits of Refrigerated Air Dryers?

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Set-and-forget units, providing you purchase a quality dryer and have it installed properly.
  • Resistant to airborne oil particles.
  • Energy savings at patrial or zero air flow (cycling dryers only).
  • Operates continuously (non-cycling only).
  • Consistent dew point (non-cycling only).

Refrigerated Air Dryer Products at Express Compressors

Choose from our refrigerant air dryer options below.

You should always consult with an expert when selecting the correct compressed air dryer. There are several factors that should be considered before purchasing such as:

  • Maximum rate of air flow: Make sure it’s higher than your compressor.
  • Maximum pressure of the air.
  • Maximum outside air temperature: Overheated dryers will shut down. Check the maximum temperature in summer of the room it’ll be used in.
  • Inlet temperature of the air dryer.
  • Dew point pressure.

Express Compressors Australiaoffers the 240V 1 Phase R407C Refrigerant Air Dryer, guaranteed to work in the toughest environmental conditions.

We also provide a 24-month warranty.

Please contact us today to discuss which refrigerant dryer will work best for your requirements.

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