Modular Desiccant Air Dryers

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PART NUMBER: B-series,Heatless,PDP -40 ℃/-40 F

BRAND: Biteman Desiccant Dryers

B-series,Heatless,PDP -40 ℃/-40 F

Flowrate from 1.5m3/min to 46.5m3/min(53cfm to 1640cfm)

Pressure dew point : -40 ℃  /-40 °F

Purge air                     :6%±1%

-Built-in Purge Rotameter,purge manually controlled

-Pressure and temperature digital readout on screen

-Biteman self-design microprocessor control system

-Full functions touch control
-Friendly interface for easy operation
-Constant Pressure dew point

B-series heatless SPA desiccant Modular-units air dryer

MODEL:                                     BTGMXW-B

Flow rate:                                  1.5m3/min to 46.5m3/min
90m3/hr to 2790m3/hr
53cfm to 1640cfm

Type:                                        Pressure Swing Adsorption – Heatless regenerated
Design Dew point:                     – 40 °C (pressure dew point – PDP)
Desiccant Media:                       Molecular Sieve

Construction:                           Modular Extruded Aluminum
Paint Finish:                              Electrostatic Powder Coating,anti-rust

Control:                                   Touch Panel Micro PLC
Display:                                    Inlet temperature & Pressure (Digital)
Power:                                     110-240 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Cycle Time:                              5 minutes

Min. Working Pressure:            4.5 barg
Max. Working Pressure:           13 barg
Max. Inlet Temperature:           40 °C (>40°C Optional)
Purge rate (- 40 °C ):               5 %
Pressure Loss ( Δ P):                ≤ 0.12bar
Sound Level :                           75 dba (Average)


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