Oil Free Air Blowers

Express Compressors Australia is a forward thinking, high tech enterprise, specialising in the production of compressed air products. Our oil free air blowers showcase the best of our technical abilities with a range of equipment that is not only reliable but can guarantee to cut your energy costs.

Energy Saving Blowers

Express Compressor Australia’s  oil free air blowers meet energy conservation demands and offer that all-important environmental protection required for the modern world.  Our oil free air blowers operate at a low speed, yet have a low noise output and are highly efficient. You will receive nothing but pure air and yet save up to 60% on your energy costs. In fact, Express Compressors Australia’s range of oil free air blowers is guaranteed to save at least 25% on your energy costs at 0.5 bar, and up to 60% savings when pressure is set between 0.8 bar and 1.5 bar.

Latest Technology

We guarantee not only exceptional reliability and a rigorous quality control policy but also the very latest technology available in the market today:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous frequency technology PLC control
  • Remote operation
  • Multi-machine control

Quality Parts and Accessories

We only supply high quality parts and accessories to complement our range of oil free screw blowers. They include:

  • PMSM Motor

    • High efficiency
    • Permanent magnet synchronous motor
    • Large starting torque
    • Improves efficiency
    • Reduces specific power
    • Can be run for a long time at 55°C
    • IP 54 protection
  • Silencing System

    • Silencer with low noise screw air end
    • Drive components are constructed with vibration insulation
    • Intake and exhaust sound are reduced
  • Air Filter

    • Intake air filtration can reach 15um
    • Pressure loss will not exceed 500Pa
    • Clean intake air
    • Low pressure drop
    • High efficiency
    • Intake sound design
    • Soundproof cover
  • Control System

    • Touch 7inch display
    • Easy operation
    • 24-hour Warning notice
    • Remote operation support
    • Intelligent dynamic display
    • Failure analysis recovery
    • Multi-machine joint control
    • Multi-point temperature detection
    • Load factor automatic adjusting
  • Frequency Converter

    • High quality frequency converter
    • Soft start
    • Overload protection
  • Systemisation

    • Design combination reduces operating failures
    • Achieves higher exhaust pressure
    • Higher flow output
    • Best energy consumption ratio

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact one of our experts via our online form or call us on 1300 449 944.

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