Compressed Air Blowers

Express Compressors Australia are leaders in the world of compressed air productsTo complement our wide range of rotary screw air compressors, oil-free air compressors and air dryers, we also offer a number of low-pressure industrial air blowers. 

What is an Air Blower?

Compressed air blowers are most commonly used for water damage restoration jobs but they can also be used in aid in fume removal or to cool large spaces. They are available in two different designs – axial and centrifugal.

Axial air blowers are large, box-like machines that force air at high velocities over a large surface area. They are perfect for acting as a cooling fan or to direct fumes from a workspace. A centrifugal air blower blows concentrated air at a more limited, specific space than an axial blower. The airflow can be angled on centrifugal blowers, making them excellent for hard floors as well as carpets of varying thickness.

What is the Difference Between an Air Blower and Air Compressor?

Choosing the correct type of compressed air equipment will largely depend on the job in hand. 

The main difference between an air compressor and an air blower is the pressure ratio of the air. In a conventional air compressor, the air circulates at a high pressure to air ratio, whereas in an industrial blower that pressure is reduced to low. While both air blowers and air compressors both force air, their functions are completely different. If you are unsure as to whether you need an air compressor or air blower, Express Compressors can help you choose which one will suit your needs. 

What Industries Can You Use Air Blowers?

Express Compressor Australia’s range of air blowers are guaranteed to deliver the best solution to your low-pressure requirements. Air blowers are most widely used in industries requiring low-pressure applications such as:

  •   Wastewater Management
  •   Sewerage Treatment
  •   Mineral Processing
  •   Mining, Oil & Gas
  •   Pneumatic Conveying
  •   Leaching
  •   Flotation

What Are the Benefits of Our Air Blowers?

Express Compressors has become an established name in Australia for our air blowers. We are constantly working to improve the energy efficiency of all our equipment in order to provide our customers with both the highest quality machinery and the lowest possible operational cost.
With our low-pressure industrial blowers, you will be able to address all operations that require low-pressure pneumatics. All our air blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified so you can rest easy knowing that no oil from our products will ever contaminate your production process.

Our Quality and Service Guarantee

Express Compressors Australia offers indisputable reliability on all our industrial air blowers as well as an unbeatable quality of service and partsWe also offer you access to the best technical advice and a 24/7 nationwide service team, so you can rest assured that even in the event of an emergency downtime will be kept to a minimum.  For more information about our range of industrial air blowers feel free to call us on 1300 446 944 or send us an enquiry through our contact us page.

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