direct drive vs belt drive air compressors

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive Air Compressors

It is important to understand the differences between belt drive and direct drive air compressors. Using the right compressor will optimise the performance of air-powered or pneumatic tools and save you energy and money. Belt drive and direct drive air compressors are commonly used types of rotary screw compressors. Factors to consider when deciding between […]

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worker at an air compressor

How Does an Air Compressor Pressure Switch Work?

Air compressors are some of the most versatile equipment we have today. Compressors are used in HVAC systems, paint shops, pneumatic nail guns, and a host of industrial applications. They come in a wide range of sizes, performance specs, and use-case designs. But even so, they are all fundamentally the same and built on universal […]

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How to Perform Air Compressor Maintenance During Winter

How to Perform Air Compressor Maintenance During Winter Air compressor maintenance is essential in winter, as compressors tend to function less efficiently in colder temperatures. If the temperature drops below 5°C, this can cause a variety of problems, including frozen condensate and thickened compressor oil. If these issues are left unchecked, the performance of your […]

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how does an air compressor work

How Does an Air Compressor Work?

An air compressor’s main function is to convert electric power into pressurised air. When air is compressed, it becomes stronger, making it useful for different workshop applications or to power tools. In an air compressor, air is stored under pressure. This compression creates energy which can be utilised to power pneumatic tools. Air compressors work […]

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Compressor air dryer

What are the Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers?

Air dryers are a crucial, but often overlooked part of a compressed air system. Together with the filters, they remove moisture from compressed air to ensure pneumatic tools work efficiently. Without air dryers, air powered tools are sluggish and can suffer premature wear and tear. But there’s no one fit solution for all applications. To […]

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fixing compressed air leaks

How to Detect and Fix Compressed Air Leaks

Compressed air leaks are a common issue and can become extremely costly for a business over time. For example, a leak in a compressor hose from a 9.5mm diameter hole can easily cost a business more than $15,000 annually in lost energy needed to compensate the reduced air pressure. As leaks are a significant source […]

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New Oil free screw air compressor

Announcing Our New AquaAir Oil-Free Compressed Air System

Here at Express Compressors, we are excited to announce the release of our latest air compressor product. Called AquaAir, this compressed air system maximises efficiency and performance, all without using any oil. The compressor utilises a screw-style system, which has already been proven to be effective for use in a number of different industries, including […]

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Industrial business using a rotary screw air compressor with pressure gauges to measure compressed air

Which Type of Air Compressor Is Right For My Industry?

Air compression provides clean, consistent energy for a wide variety of industrial uses, from mining to manufacturing. Depending on their application, air compressors can vary in cost and size. Matching the right air compressor to the right application is important, as it will maximise the efficiency and longevity of the compressor, saving a business money […]

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Compressed Air Dryer

What is a Compressor Dryer and How Does It Work?

Compressed air dryers are an important part of any air compressor tool. Using different methods, they clean and dry the compressed air, removing particles, oil and water vapour. Clean, dry air is the perfect way to power your applications, and helps to avoid corrosion and control malfunctions. This means you’ll be getting a longer life […]

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