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At Express Compressors Australia, we offer reliability at a good price. Our range of electric screw air compressors, air dryers, and other air equipment are high quality products with specs tailored to the Australian environment.


Australian Conditions, Australian Solution

Australia is a world of its own – its unique environment, marketplace, and people.

You want your air compressor equipment from a company that knows what you need to excel in business in Australia. That’s exactly why we’re here.

Whether you are a proud Australian small business or managing the Australian operations of an international corporation, you need solutions that are optimised for productivity and hard work in Australia.

With our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, we offer quality Australian air compressors and air dryer products that are specifically engineered for the Australian environment, so you know your compressed air equipment is built tough and will be guaranteed to perform under Australian conditions.

We cater specifically to the Australian industrial market, which means we can provide wholesale pricing that will keep you competitive in the Australian economy.

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Expert Australian Service Partners

Express Compressors maintains an extensive network of professional service teams and expert technicians across Australia. When we say we have Australia covered, we mean it. This sets us apart and we are proud of that.

This means that air compressor delivery, installation, servicing, and repair can happen in a timely manner, when you need it, saving you the cost and aggravation of downtime should your air compressor equipment ever break down.

Your operations are as important to us as our operations, so we want you back up and running as soon as possible.

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